Supply Chain Management Compliance

  • Are your corporate procurement procedures across all locations being adhered too?
  • Do you have full traceability and audit ability of the entire process?
  • Are the level of off book purchases keeping you awake at night?
  • Are you optimizing your BBBEE spend?
  • Are you tracking Supplier Performance?
  • Is your contract formulation & management cumbersome?

Ability can provide you with:

  • Enforced compliance according to your guidelines set within the process.
  • Automated buying decisions according to your policy and procedures.
  • Enhanced capabilities complimenting your existing ERP solution to meet your operational requirements.

Your needs are shared by procurement officials across diverse industries. ABILITY has demonstrated the financial knowledge and expertise to excel at partnering for over 30 years to unlock value and deliver significant results.
Expect a call from ABILITY to schedule an appointment for you to meet with our team. Take the call. Explore how YOU can count on our ABILITY to unlock yours…

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