Are you compliant with the Auditor General’s findings in terms of:

  • Adhering to Practice Note 8 of 2007-08 and obtaining three quotations for procurement up to an estimated value of R500,000
  • Adhering to Treasury Regulation 16A6.4 in obtaining formal approval to deviate from competitive bidding process
  • Adhering to Treasury Regulation16A9.1 and PPPFA in ensuring suppliers provide valid tax clearance certificates
  • Adhering to section 2(a) of the PPPFA in correctly applying the preference point system
  • Adhering to section 2(f) of the PPPFA in that contracts should be awarded to the tenderer who scores the highest points

Adhering to Practice Note 8 of 2007-08 in terms of maintaining a list of prospective suppliers per commodity and type of service

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