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Business intelligence allows organizations to better understand, analyse, and even predict what’s occurring in the overall environment and in their company. BI helps your organization turn data into useful and meaningful information and then distribute this information to those who need it, when they need it, in a format they need, wherever they need it –so that they can make timely and better informed decisions. It allows organizations to combine data from a wide variety of sources and see an integrated, up-to-date, 360-degree view.

If data is extracted out of live systems, it changes dynamically over time. Everyone who pulls a report potentially looks at different information. In an operational role, there is place for this, not in BI.

A data warehouse ensures that everyone sees exactly the same information according to their specific access level.

It is important to note that BI is not a technology discussion. The technology is there to enable you to extrapolate intelligence, relevant to your strategic, tactical and operational requirements. To facilitate this in a relevant manner, Ability solutions has built relationships and developed expertise in a number of BI solutions to enable us to cater to your unique and diversified business environment.

“At the right time”

“You can’t get that monthly report now, it must be run after hours or you’ll crunch the system”. OR “You signed off the report without those columns on it; it will go into the development queue with your changes for next month”

Very frustrating: You want the information now, you want to be able to view it, interrogate it, analyse it, without anyone else’s involvement. A data warehouse, does not interfere with your live systems and it allows you to do these things on your own, in your own time

“Don’t spend time creating reports; spend time analysing and making business decisions”

Highly qualified people spend valuable time building spread sheets. Often your CFO, your top sales person or operations chief. They would add far more value by analysing the results and making business decisions instead. The BI system should produce the reports on a mouse-click.

“Ability to make sense of large volumes of data”

A two hundred page report on your desk (or your screen), even with a summary highlighting the “bad” numbers, does not assist you in identifying the problem areas. Working in an online environment, you need to be able to slice and dice information and create “what if” scenarios.


Get your data visualized in clear dynamic tables, diagrams etc. - with the click of a button.


With just a few clicks, users can create and navi¬gate intuitively in the most advanced analyses. All objects in an analysis are dynamically inter¬related, and with a single click on a dimension in an object, this dimension will be adapted as a criterion to other objects in the analysis.


All types of reports can be created in no time. You can also freely distribute reports across language barriers and physical boundaries, for example via email or websites.

Intelligent Dashboards

Dashboards and scorecards provide an overview of the company’s performance through interac¬tive gauges and built-in intelligence. You can quickly identify the company’s biggest problems and opportunities.

Meta Morphing

The patented ‘engine’ in the TARGIT solution remembers your preferences for presenting your data. The technology automatically chooses the settings that you prefer, thus makes it possible for you to save clicks.

Hyper Related OLAP

Your analyses, reports or dashboards don’t have to be static. A single click on any given figure opens a detailed analysis and allows you to further examine the results.


Sentinels are prediction based rules that will allow you to get an early warning. With Sentinels you can expand the horizon for your notification agents and can therefore react faster if the envi¬ronment around your organization changes.


A series of real-time analyses can be published as a video, a slide show or a podcast. Distribute data on monitors and inspire everybody to act in alliance with the company’s goals.

Alerts from Intelligent agents

A wide variety of intelligent agents are incorpo¬rated throughout the solution. They help ensure that the organization can react quickly to market changes. The system will automatically send you an e-mail when changes occur.

Info from TARGIT on your desktop

Intelligent Dashboards and analyses are inte¬grated with your Windows Desktop. You will have access to TARGIT information before the TARGIT client is opened- and quickly react to critical de¬viations. You can get important business insight directly on your iPhone or iPad with TARGIT iTop, which is an add-on to the desktop client.

What-If Simulation

With one single click you can find out how your figures will change if the turnover increases or decreases – globally or locally. The What-If Simulation functions primarily as drill-down, and it uses the information that you have already given the system.

Intelligent dashboards quickly identify problems and opportunities.

Analyses quickly give you insight.

Reports are quickly created and distributed.

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