AbilityOne - Sales Processing

AbilityOne ERP in the cloud, in conjunction with Dimension Data, offers complete credit control for both account and counter sales with the latter being directly linked to the Cash Book module. The sales process can originate either from a quote or a direct sale. Quotes can be raised against existing customers or prospects. Prospects may be converted into a customer following credit vetting or actioned as a cash sale.  Stock can be reserved against a quote and both the reservation and life of the quote linked to an expiry date. If accepted, the quote can automatically be converted to an order for the lifecycle to be completed through stock pick, dispatch and invoicing. Credit checking takes place throughout the process. Not only is the customer’s outstanding balance against items already dispatched taken into consideration but also what is on back-order for that customer and line by line, the value of the order being currently captured. Equally management, regardless of the credit limit, can elect that credit approval is given for individual orders prior to release or accounts may be blocked from further trading while still supporting cash collection.


An order can be any combination of both serialised and non-serialised items , configured and non-configured items  as well as non-inventory items. The latter allows you to source non-stock items and link it directly to this particular order i.e. a back to back order. During its capture the operator has a real-time view of inventory availability and can elect with the customer to place individual items on back order if they cannot be fully supplied. Order items can be accessed via either your product code, the supplier product code if different, or the customer’s code if registered on the system. The system will automatically route the operator to the correct item if the ordered product has been superseded. Each line of an order can be flagged as part or full shipment. During the fulfilment of an order that order can be placed on hold or flagged as fully shipped. The customer can have multiple delivery areas and addresses and the order allocated accordingly.

In terms of allocating sales for commission purposes the application supports different sales reps at both a customer and line item level. Both quote and order details  may be amended any time during their lives and sales documents can be exported to Microsoft Word and/or Excel. Supporting sales documents such ass picking slips, delivery notes, invoices  etc., may be printed and re-printed by user or warehouse. Returns are can be linked to both existing and non-existing invoices and all associated postings be it sales, debtors or stock control automatically adjusted accordingly.

Management visibility is ensured via comprehensive reporting and enquiries which allow you to drill down to the lowest level of detail including what financial postings were triggered by that particular transaction.

AbilityOne in the cloud, no matter what your size, ensures you have a complete handle on your operations across your whole organisation. No more silos of information. No more discrepancies between your control accounts and your sub ledgers. A true reflection of your business allowing you to do just that,  get on and grow your business and let AbilityOne do the rest.

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