AbilityOne now available with Scanman.


When we launched AbilityOne, value and cost considerations was at the forefront of our decisions. You recently received a communication from Ability introducing AbilityOne as our cloud and SAAS ERP offering. Herewith a short reminder: AbilityOne is a complete solution that offers robust controls to manage your operations and finances available in the cloud. AbilityOne was designed with scalability and open integration in mind. 

We now want to introduce you to ScanMan, our scanning, and warehouse and asset management solution available as a standalone or fully integrated into our ERP Offering. During recent assessments of our installed base we calculated cost reductions of 25-50% through the deployment of ScanMan. ScanMan is all about being cost effective and efficient. 

The key areas we identified, and now use in our Return on Investment calculator are:

  • Understock as in understocked, can’t find it, blocked, damaged – with the cost drivers of downtime, overtime, lost production or sales
  • Overstock as in over ordered, over manufactured, obsolete – with cost drivers being scrap value, redundancy, wasted space.
  • Housekeeping in the form of temporary storage, lost control, panic picking – with cost drivers congestion and delays.
  • Control as in lack of systems, limited financial reports – with cost drivers theft, quality inspections, wastage. 
  • Opportunity cost as in , productivity, legal implications, audits etc.

The business case is simply compelling.

ScanMan manages your warehouse, inventory and asset data down to the detail and keeps a complete history of stock movements.

  • ScanMan produce customised barcode and RFID labels which you can modify SQL stored procedures and Crystal Reports. 
  • Supports file import, pc data capture, usb scanner, Wi-Fi scanner or batch scanner and server-to-server transfers so you can quickly capture and process your data. 
  • Support for unlimited custom fields per item with any SQL data as the field picklist. Show picklists of data direct from your ERP system! 
  • Pick Lists are managed on the PC and synchronised with the scanner for easy and accurate data capture. 
  • Support for photographs and GPS co-ordinates with PC and Scanner. 
  • Built in Support for RFID scanning. 
  • Multi platform support for variety of Motorola, Intermec, Datalogic, Dolphin and ATID scanners 
  • Unlimited customisable file imports for scanned data and ERP data using SQL Stored Procs. 
  • Quick Reconciling tool for continual stock take monitoring and ERP exception report to focus on high value missing stock. 

So if you want to explore how your organisation can benefit from ScanMan, why not give us a call for an informal exploratory and let as take you through a discovery session and show you the worst and base case return investment case for your business.

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