AbilityOne - Inventory Management

As you will have come to expect, given AbilityOne’s a secure platform for both small and large organisations in the cloud, the inventory module supports an unlimited number of warehouses and types as well as an unlimited number of stock items. Costing can be defined by warehouse or product and is supported by FIFO, Average or specific cost methodologies. Warehouses can be of a general, consignment, bonded or virtual type with the incorporation of binning functionality as well as barcoding or RFID tracking if so required.

While product codes are unique, product descriptions may be changed at any time. Products may be superseded and you are able to give a product and ordering aliases. This allows at order entry time to use any of the codes to identify the product required i.e. current code, previous superseded code, suppliers code or customer code.


Product can be organised into super categories, category and sub-category and linked to preferred suppliers which may be changed at any time. Costing and supplier costs are linked to each product and can be updated at any stage.

The full life cycle of a stock item is covered from initial receipt, binning, counting, picking and dispatch. Products can be any mix of inventory, non-inventory, serialised or configured. Given this flexibility it is important that you as a user have a complete window on a stock item and this is achieved through the powerful stock enquiry function. From this single source you may enquire on stock availability both nationally and by individual warehouse. This shows not only what is in stock and available but also what is on back order, on reserve, and on order with suppliers along with expected delivery dates. In addition both cost and selling price information is available along with details of approved suppliers. The information in all categories is shown at a summary level with the ability to drill down to the fullest detail. Individual items both serialised and non-serialised may have their complete stock movement history displayed and analysed.

As well as knowing what physical stock is available, the integrated nature of AbilityOne ensures that the underlying value of your stock is maintained and reflected in the user defined stock control accounts be they at a national, branch or warehouse level.

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