AbilityOne – Procurement

AbilityOne ERP in the cloud, in conjunction with Dimension Data, offers complete visability when it comes to both local and foreign purchases. Purchase orders can be done directly to a general ledger code (non-stock), to a warehouse (stock), direct to a sales order (back to back with automatic sales order release on receipt), a job or a Fixed Asset. While you may be supplied from one organisation your payment may be due to some other entity and to this end AbilityOne allows you to link the original supplier to a “Finance “supplier. Given the volatility of the S.A. Rand, the need for accurate shipment costing is vital if one is to retain trading margins. AbilityOne’s major strength is the ability to develop an accurate landed cost throughout the life of the shipment and to link those costs to flexible exchange rates. The system allows you to set up tariff codes and associate them to specific products along with cost codes for such items as freight, insurance etc.


This environment allows you to re-allocate those costs to the items in the shipment based on value, weight or volumetrics. AbilityOne fully supports the option to do a pre-cost shipment for stock in transit and action the GRN once stock arrives at the warehouse. If that stock is serialised, the system allows for the copy and paste of serial numbers.

The lifecycle of non-stock purchases is totally under your control. You can decide if you want to force a formal “goods received process” against an outstanding Purchase Order or if you are going to bypass this step and simply action a suppliers invoice.

Multiple Purchase Orders may be   to a single shipment just as a single purchase order may have multiple shipments and GRV’s. To support this flexibility you may run reconciliation and balancing analysis at any time by period, supplier, purchase order, GRV or shipment. Double clicking the cost on the reconciliation screen will allocate all outstanding amounts.

All the above fully supported by extensive enquiries with full drill down capabilities to get to the detail. Be it stock or non-stock purchasing, AbilityOne ensures you only pay for what your ordered and what you received.

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