AbilityOne – Financial Integrity

AbilityOne ERP in the cloud, in conjunction with Dimension Data, offers complete peace of mind when it comes to financial integrity of your operations. Regardless of your size, geographical presence, trading and reporting currencies, the fully integrated solution ensures that your General Ledger will always balance. No more searching for that one sided entry.

The General Ledger is the heart of the solution supporting a multi-company, multi-branch, multi-currency, multi-tax and rates environment. With a user defined account structure, chart codes need only to be defined once and they will automatically be activated as and when required at any level of your operations. As your business changes so may your requirements around your chart structure. AbilityOne allows you to redefine that structure mid-life and the system will rebuild both your General Ledger and underlying transaction history to support your new environment.


As well as the normal financial accounts, AbiltyOne supports bot statistical and analytical accounts linked to one or more financial accounts. This allows for the recording for example of head count against a salary posting, hours against an overtime value, litres against a fuel account. This information can then be used to enhance the scope of your management reporting.

Fully integrated to all other modules, the solution ensures that your sub-ledgers will always balance to the respective control accounts in the General Ledger. As well as the automatic journals posted by the system from the other modules, AbilityOne supports auto-reverse journals, recurring journals, reallocation journals based on a fixed value or a percentage and once off journals.

Once again, the solutions flexibility supports an unlimited number of budget revisions. You select the revision you want to compare against at reporting or enquiry time. Budgets may be generated within the system or imported from external systems or Excel spreadsheets.

Extensive enquiries with drill down capabilities to the original source document, along with flexible management reporting and analytics ensure access to detailed financial information as and when you need it. All this is a controlled environment where only the people that you have allowed get to see the information for the areas of the business they are responsible for and the accounts that you want them to have access to.

To keep you system responding at the speed you will grow to expect, historical information can be archived but still be queried and viewed. No more trying to restore backups or creating enquiry only environments. While we are talking of backups, the beauty of the cloud is that it is somebody else’s responsibility. The very reason we have partnered with Dimension Data. Financial integrity in an environment that is going to contractually guarantee you 99.9% uptime, full system housekeeping including disaster recovery, scalability paying for processing resources only when you need them and the technical resources available to optimise the management of your IT needs.

Contact Ability to see how we may assist you in providing a solid base for you to grow your business.

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