AbilityOne – Accounts Receivable

Cash flow is critical to the survival of any business and AbilityOne ERP in the cloud, in conjunction with Dimension Data, offers complete visability when it comes to the status of both local and foreign customers. You may operate your debtors book nationally or at a branch level with the sale being allocated to one location but the debtor residing in another. The debtors book may also be structured so that specific ranges of accounts are managed by specific debtors clerks.

Seamlessly integrated to the Cash Book, General Ledger, Job Costing and Order Processing is supported by self-balancing control accounts for Debtors Control,  ROE variances, revaluations and settlement discount. AbilityOnes Accounts Receivable module maintains the credit limit on individual accounts with the ability to either block an account from further trade or require management intervention to release individual orders. Overdue accounts can be linked to interest calculations which may be applied to the customer’s account on management discretion.


Customer accounts can be open item or balanced brought forward with the application supporting a mix within one database. Statement frequencies are user defined and both pro-forma and final statements can be printed or emailed. A full historical history is kept in the system supporting the reprinting of statements at any time.

Accounts can be structured in a parent-child relationship with invoices going to one level while statements are routed to a head office account for example. Analysis is supported by extensive inquiry and drill down functionality as well as standard reports such as detailed and summary Age Analysis.

A major strength of the module is the ability to have two periods open at one time allowing your finance team to close off one period while the organisation moves on and trades in the next making month-ends a non-event. Payment allocation is further enhanced by the automatic checking and calculation of settlement discount that the customer may have applied. In addition allocations may be auto-reversed and allocated to a different document if the period is still open.

At the end of the day you can be assured that the sum of all outstanding and part paid invoices will always balance to the associated debtors control accounts in your General Ledger giving you total visibility of your cash-flow. AbilityOne offers flexibility, scalability but more importantly peace of mind because of its guaranteed data integrity.

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