AbilityOne – Accounts Payable

Do you maximise on the settlement discount owing to you? Are you able to effectively manage those invoices that you are disputing? Are you able to balance your cash-flow demands with you payment liabilities? Are you happy with the level of controls in your payment processes to mitigate against fraudulent practices?

AbilityOne ERP in the cloud, in conjunction with Dimension Data, offers complete visability  and peace of mind when it comes to the status of both local and foreign supplier accounts. Seamlessly integrated to the Cash Book, General Ledger, the module is supported by self-balancing control accounts for Creditors Control, ROE variances, revaluations and settlement discount. Like the rest of its family, the module is fully multi-currency, including payment selections.


AbilityOnes Accounts Payable module allows you to maintain credit limits on individual supplier accounts so allowing you to limit your exposure to any one particular supplier as well as putting a limit on overall spend. Supplier accounts can be linked to multiple remittance frequencies and multiple dates by frequency. Accounts can be linked in parent child relationships trading at one level but paying at the parent level. In addition a “Finance Creditor” can be linked to an account so supporting the concept of sourcing from one supplier but actually paying for the goods/services to another such as a bank of finance house.

On capturing a suppliers invoice, multiple payment terms can be allocated e.g. 30% in 30 days, balance 60 days etc. If a foreign currency invoice it may be linked to flexible rates of exchange during the life of the document. A document may be saved as “work-in-progress” at any time during capture while you seek clarification on some of the detail. In addition a document can be saved as a template to support “repeat invoices” and speed up capture and processing. Once again AbilityOne supports the Accounts Payable sub-ledger being open in two periods at any one time so allowing operations to be closing of one month while still trading in the next. Payment allocations and documents can be auto-reversed by the system if the period they are active in is still open.

The payment selection functionality is designed to support the principles of split responsibility by using the overall access controls with AbilityOne to assign payment selection, payment maintenance and payment implementation to different groups or individuals. The payment selection run allows you to identify those suppliers you wish to consider for payment. The resulting analysis will give you analysis of those invoices due for payment and the system will automatically take the appropriate levels of settlement discount according to your trading terms. At this point you may flag certain invoices to be part paid or put on hold. You may also change the levels of discount you are going to apply to specific invoices. You may then rerun the cash-flow analysis to see if the overall payment amount is acceptable to your operations at this time. Payment may then be physically executed via EFT, cheque or cash.

At the end of the day you can be assured that the sum of all outstanding and part paid invoices will always balance to the associated creditors control accounts in your General Ledger giving you total visibility of your cash-flow. This visibility is supported by extensive reporting and drill down analysis. AbilityOne offers flexibility, scalability but more importantly peace of mind because of its guaranteed data integrity.

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