Ability teams up with Ruggedphones to complete successful POC at Gold One Mine.


As part of our on-going research and development we have chosen the Ruggedphones Titan 7R robust mobile tablet to deliver on the POC requirements for Gold One.

We, as are our customers, are constantly challenged in finding new and cost effective way to facilitate the adoption of mobility strategies for the mines. The RokMan solution with its imbedded mobile environment, digital checklist and full business process functionality, has proven itself to deliver on mining requirements in hostile environments.

“Until recently the cost associated with robust mobile platforms has proven to be a major inhibitor in adopting new standards and practises in the mining industry representing a major capital investment for the mines” Says John Olsson, Business Development Director. John further states that the Titan 7R will make the acquisition cost for an enterprise mobile work and business process platform much more affordable for the industry. “The Titan is IP 68 rated which means it is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof allowing the operator to have access to information where ever he may be. The online offline capability of the RokMan solution extends this functionality to the rock face.”

RokMan has changed the way mines engage with their workforce.

In simple terms it implements mine’s current paper based work into a digital device allowing unique business rules, tasks and inspections to be executed at the rock face.  The robust business process platform ensures that the tasks are executed according to the standards and business priority areas in a predefined schedule. It simplifies operations whilst at the same time provides mining management with greater operational visibility and rich reporting capabilities. No more misplaced documentation that the DMR may require at inspection time. John further states that whilst the value from a SHEQ and productivity perspective is obvious, he is also witnessing that the Business Process component allows mines to further automate areas like procurement, on-boarding, contractor management, fuel management, production reporting, store requisitions etc.

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